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MAF Sensor — What is a MAF sensor?

What is a MAF sensor and how does it fail? Mass Airflow Sensor — MAF A mass airflow sensor (MAF) attempts to measure the density of the air coming into the engine. A mass airflow sensor sensor measures air density using either a hot wire or a hot plate and a separate incoming air temperature sensor. The wire or sensor is first heated to a set temperature. Air flowing past the hot wire or plate cools it. The mass airflow sensor then applies more current to reheat the wire or … Read More

OBDII trouble Codes

OBDII trouble Codes I can’t tell you how many times forum members write in and say, “The computer said to replace the oxygen sensor. I replaced it and now it says to replace it again.” Let’s get one thing straight…..the computer NEVER says to replace a part. It only tell you what condition the OBDII trouble Codes. Here’s a typical example: P0137 – Oxygen Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Now most of you would say the computer has determined that the oxygen sensor is bad. That’s NOT … Read More

Backprobe an electrical connector

How to backprobe an electrical connector and test an electrical circuit When you’re checking live voltage readings on sensors, the challenge is How to backprobe an electrical connector. Some pros stick a pin through the wire. But these piercing claws from Ferret make the job much easier. Isolate the wire carrying the signal you want to monitor. Then position the wire in the cradle of the “claw.” Screw the piercing probe into the wire and then attach the lead from your digital multi-meter into the end of the Ferret Claw. … Read More

Clean a MAF sensor

Best way to clean a MAF sensor They say it can’t be done. But at $300 a pop for a new MAF sensor, you’ve got only $6 to lose by attempting to clean the old MAF sensor. Then locate the MAF sensor. It’s between the air filter box and the throttle body. Disconnect the sensor from the duct. Then disconnect the electrical connector. Locate the small circular opening inside the MAF sensor. That houses and protects the hot wire element and the thermistor that measures ambient air temperature. Spray 15 … Read More

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