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Bad idle air control valve

Bad idle air control valve symptoms Idle speed goes up and down or high idle First off, this is a fairly common problem for all makes and models. Sometimes the problem is caused by a gummed up or sticking idle air control valve (IAC) or a dirty mass airflow sensor (MAF). But it can also be caused by a vacuum leak. How an idle air control valve works If you’re familiar with older carbureted cars you remember that you turned a screw to set the idle speed. The screw turned … Read More

P0100 trouble code

P0100 trouble code is a MAF circuit malfunction What is a P0100 trouble code A P0100 Mass Airflow (MAF) Circuit Problem relates to a problem with the circuit servicing the mass airflow sensor. Common codes are P0101, P0102, P0103 and P0104. However, a P0100 code means P0100 is the general code for a problem with the Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor or Circuitry and the most common cause is a disconnected electrical connector or a problem with the terminals/pin in the connector or the wiring harness. However, it can also be … Read More

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