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Chrysler minivan wiper problems

Fix Chrysler minivan wiper problems Chrysler Minivans have more than their share of wiper problems, ranging from wipers that won’t shut off to intermittent wipers that quit working. If you have Chrysler minivan wiper problems, all you need to diagnose the problem is a digital multimeter. Chrysler minivans use two different systems, depending on the model year. For 1996 & 1997 models, start your diagnostics by turning on the ignition key and put the wiper switch in any position EXCEPT high. Then ground the red/white wire at the body control … Read More

buzz rattle squeak in Chrysler Town and Country Minivans

Fix annoying buzz rattle squeak in Chrysler Town and Country Minivans Noise is  in the passenger compartment of these vans is caused by a tab on the rear quarter trim panel rubbing against the rear speaker grill. Simply cut off the tab to correct the buzz rattle squeak problem. Problem is on vehicles made between 6/01/04-9/5/16.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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