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Nissan P0101

Nissan P0101 MAF code Diagnose and fix Nissan P0101 Nissan has issued a service bulletin #NTB16-027d to address a Nissan P0101 MAF sensor trouble code on the vehicles listed below. Nissan P01010 is defined as MAF sensor circuit B1 Vehicles affected by Nissan service bulletin#NTB16-027d 2013-18 Sentra (non-turbo) 2013-17 all VINs and build dates before 3N1AB7AP*J*279155 and February 27, 2018 Non turbo Fix for Nissan P0101 The Nissan bulletin states the following fixes for the problem. For 2013 and 2014 models ONLY: Check the color of the PCV valve. If … Read More

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