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High idle, rough idle

What causes a high idle, rough idle Diagnose and fix high idle or rough idle Any time you see a high idle, rough idle high, or hunting idle, it’s time to suspect a vacuum leak. Extra air leans out the exhaust mixture, which is detected by the oxygen sensor and reported to the powertrain control module (PCM). To correct the lean condition, the PCM adds fuel. The extra fuel and extra air are the equivalent of pushing down on the accelerator. As the engine speeds up, the PCM notices that … Read More

Alternator noise – Nissan

Nissan Alternator makes noise Some owners of 2002-05 Nissan Altimas and Sentras report an alternator noise or  whistling coming from the alternator after the engine is shut down. This is considered a NORMAL condition and is caused by the rotor “slow-down” function that is built into the alternator. Before you lose a gasket over this problem, note that other vehicles equipped with alternator decoupler pulleys also experience some noise after engine shutdown. Do NOT replace the alternator if you hear this type of noise.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Chirping noise on Nissan Sentra

Transmission chirping noise Nissan Sentra If you’ve got a chirping noise on Nissan Sentra 02-06 with the 1.8L engine and the RE4F03B automatic transmission and it chirps during upshifts between 2nd to 3rd gear, Nissan has a fix for you. Add two 200cc bottles of a special ATF fluid conditioner #3100331X61P to the transmission. If your trans fluid level is already at the full mark when the trans is hot, you will have to drain some fluid off before pouring in the additive.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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