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Car heater blows cold air

Car heater blows cold air — causes and fixes Heater blows cold Car heaters aren’t that complicated; they’re just little radiators with a blower, temperature controls and a cabin air filter. Hot engine coolant runs through the heater core and your blower runs cabin air past the fins. That’s it. So let’s take a look at the possible causes. #1 Cause of car heater blows cold or cool air—Low coolant level. Low engine coolant is the #1 cause of low or no heat, especially at idle. When the coolant level … Read More

No heat in car or Heat is always on

No heat in car – Heat always on If you have an no heat in car condition or the opposite where you have a heat always on situation, you might have a bad blend door actuator. Most late model vehicles use a blend door system to regulate heat. Hot engine coolant always flows to the heater core when the engine is running. An electronic motor (blend door actuator) rotates a shaft on a door in the heater box to regulate hot much air passes across the heater core. If you … Read More

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