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Service battery charging system message

Diagnose and fix a service battery charging system message Service battery charging system message, generator light on, alternator light on, not charging, what does Service battery charging system mean? In the old days all cars has a generator and a voltage regulator. Then car makers switch to an alternator and voltage regulator. When solid state came along, car makers started building the voltage regulator into the alternator. Then they decided to let the ECM take over the job of regulating alternator output. Now we’ve entered a whole new realm of … Read More

Dead battery Ford Focus

How to diagnose and fix dead battery Ford Focus If you have a dead battery Ford Focus condition, a system that’s not charging, a battery light that stay on even after replacing the alternator and battery, read this. This problem can really throw a pro for a loop because the problem may be a bad wire or a corroded fuse. First thing to check is a broken or intermittent wiring connection at the alternator. The “FIELD” charging current is provided to the alternator by the PCM on the blue wire. … Read More

Nissan Alternator Problems

Fix Nissan Alternator Problems Shops report that Nissan Alternator Problems can sometimes be traced to an intermittent in the plug that goes into the voltage regulator in the alternator. The factory harness is short (less than 1 foot) and can fray the wires in the terminals. Nissan techs report that they replace this item quite frequently. Also, quality complaint abound on rebuilt alternators. Shop increasingly refuse to even install them due to the high failure rate. If you’re set on buying rebuilt, my advice is to buy Denso or Hitachi, … Read More

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