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Switch to green coolant?

Should you switch to green coolant? Is it ok to switch to green coolant instead of factory coolant? Since not all auto parts stores stock all factory coolants, many people ask if they can switch to green coolant. You can, but that decision will cost you over the long term. The damage won’t show up right away. In fact, a year or two down the road when your water pump starts leaking or your heater core springs a leak, you probably won’ think it was caused by using the wrong … Read More

Water pump leak

Water pump leak Stop water pump leaks by using only the factory antifreeze For decades we all used the green coolant. It worked well as long as we changed it at least once every 2 years or 24,000 miles. The ethylene glycol helped dissipate heat better than water alone, and it prevented freezing in the winter. It also had some really important additives. First, it contained a water pump lubricant to keep the two rotating carbon seals inside the water running smoothly. The coolant was also loaded with silicates. The … Read More

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