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Oil in coolant

What causes oil in the coolant? Oil in coolant is an indication of a serious failure in either the engine, transmission cooler, turbo or oil cooler. Let’s take a look at how oil gets into the coolant in the first place Head gasket failure can result in oil in coolant Oil and coolant flow through the engine block and into the cylinder head to cool and lubricate the cylinder head components. The head gasket seals the passages so there’s no cross-contamination as those fluids flow from the block to the … Read More

Fix intake manifold gaskets

How to fix Leaking intake manifold gaskets on GM engines GM 3.1 and 3.4-liter engines are known for leaking intake manifold gaskets. If you replace the gaskets yourself, there are a few tips and warnings to be aware of. TIP/WARNING #1: You’ll have to remove the push rods to lift off the intake manifold. The intake and exhaust push rods are different sizes, so PAY attention to the order in which you remove them. Get a cardboard box and poke holes in it. Insert the push rods into the holes … Read More

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