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Fix intake manifold gaskets

How to fix Leaking intake manifold gaskets on GM engines GM 3.1 and 3.4-liter engines are known for leaking intake manifold gaskets. If you replace the gaskets yourself, there are a few tips and warnings to be aware of. TIP/WARNING #1: You’ll have to remove the push rods to lift off the intake manifold. The intake and exhaust push rods are different sizes, so PAY attention to the order in which you remove them. Get a cardboard box and poke holes in it. Insert the push rods into the holes … Read More

Oil leak at differential Ford Escape

Oil leak at differential Ford Escape Ford reports that a deformed pinion seal can cause oil leaks at the differential on the Ford Escape. They’ve redesigned the seal and the new part is YL8Z-4NO46-AA. Scratch index marks on the driveshaft and yoke. Then remove the driveshaft. Then remove the pinion nut and mark alignment scratches on one of the yoke splines to the corresponding spline on the pinion gear. Remove the yoke. Then yank out the damaged pinion seal. Use a cupped driver to install the new seal. Reinstall the … Read More

Oil leak Saturn Ion Vue Cobalt Pursuit

Fix Oil leak Saturn Ion Vue Cobalt Pursuit GM has issued an Oil leak Saturn Ion Vue Cobalt Pursuit TSB (TSB 06-06-01-013). Customers are reporting an oil leak coming from the rear of the engine on 2006 Saturn ION and VUE, Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac Pursuit models with the 2.2-liter Ecotec Four engine. The leak looks like it’s coming from the rear main seal, but it’s usually not. Instead, look at the oil galley plugs just above the rear main seal. The plugs may have been damaged or improperly torqued during … Read More

Oil leak Cobalt Mailbu G5

I have an Oil leak Cobalt Mailbu G5 GM reports that an oil leak that appears to be coming from behind the starter motor is actually coming from a leaking oil pressure switch. The leak appears on 2.2L 4-cylinder engines made prior to 2/19/07. GM has issued a new part that holds up better. Replace the switch and clean up the old oil. © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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