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GM P0011, GM P0014

GM P0011, GM P0014 Diagnose and fix P0011 or P0014 P0011 is: Intake Camshaft Position System Performance and P0014 is: Exhaust Camshaft Position System Performance. Both of these codes relate to the variable valve timing (VVT) system on the engine. VVT allows the computer to advance or retard camshaft timing to achieve optimal engine performance and optimal emissions. The system operates the advance/retard mechanism by filling or emptying oil chambers in the VVT phaser located at the front of the intake and exhaust camshafts. The VVT solenoid pulses motor oil … Read More


Diagnose and fix trouble code P0011 A P0011 trouble code is part of a family of trouble codes that can be set if there’s a problem with the engine’s variable valve timing (VVT) system. The P0011 code is a generic OBDII code defined as: Intake Camshaft Position Timing – Over-Advanced (Bank 1). Bank 1 is the bank containing cylinder #1. The following trouble codes also relate to the VVT system: P0010 Intake Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open (Bank 1) P0011 Intake Camshaft Position Timing – Over-Advanced (Bank 1) P0012 … Read More

Nissan Altima hard to start when cold

Fix Nissan Altima hard to start when cold P0011, P0340 If you own a Nissan Altima with trouble codes P0011 or P0340 that is hard to start, especially when cold, you may have a stretched timing chain. The first step is to check the variable cam phasers since they change cam timing and can cause the codes. But if the cam phasers check out ok, pull the timing covers and check the timing chains. If they’re loose, replace them. P0011 A Camshaft Position – Timing Over – Advanced or System Performance … Read More

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