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P1693, P0122 Cummins

Fix codes P1693, P0122 on Dodge Cummins 5.9L engine P0122 P1693 APPS or throttle, P0122- Low voltage at APPS Shops are reporting code P1693, P0122 issues when replacing the accelerator pedal position sensors (APPS) on Dodge vehicles with the 5.9L engine. The APPS must be adjusted properly to achieve a reading of .59-.65 volts on the light blue wire with a black tracer. To do that simply loosen the torx screws and move the app until you get that voltage with the Key on engine off (KOEO). Then tighten the torx … Read More

P0108 P0122 P123 P0203 P1478 P1496 P1598

Fix codes P0108 P0122 P123 P0203 P1478 P1496 P1598 on Dodge Grand Caravan, Plymouth Voyager Site reader Becky wrote this post on ricksfreeautorepair.net: we have a 2002 voyager and have recently started having major problems, the codes that we currently have are P0108, P0122, P123, P0203, P1478, P1496, P1598. We have already replaced the TPS reset codes and still have the codes related, we have also checked and replaced the #3 fuel injector. Please help, Thank you Here are the codes and their descriptions: P0108 – Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure … Read More

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