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P0139 Honda Civic

Honda has issued a service bulletin #07-019 to address a P0139 trouble code on the Honda Civic vehicles listed below P0139 (secondary heated oxygen sensor [sensor 2] slow response) stored. The service bulletin states: The ECM/PCM misinterprets the secondary heated oxygen sensor output and sets DTC P0139. The bulletin pertains to these vehicles: 2004 Civic 2-Door LX, DX, and DX-VP: From VIN 1HGEM2…4L077788 thru 1HGEM2…4L085747 2004 Civic 4-Door LX, DX, and DX-VP: From VIN 2HGES1…4H625979 thru 2HGES1…4H645155 From VIN 1HGES1…4L025424 thru 1HGES1…4L025783   2005 Civic 2/4-Door LX, LX-SE, DX, and … Read More

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