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P0551 Dodge trucks

Fix code P0551 Dodge trucks If you own an early 2000 Dodge Dakota, Durango, or Ram and have a check engine light and trouble code P0551, head right for the power steering pressure switch located in the high pressure power steering hose. This sensor has a high failure rate. Worse than the fact that it leaks, the diaphragm inside may actually tear and force full pressure power steering fluid up through the wiring harness and down into the oxygen sensor wires. That can cause a P0171 lean condition. When the … Read More

P0551 Dodge

Fix codes P0551, Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Dodge trucks If you get a P0551 on a Chrysler vehicle, start by replacing the power steering pressure sensor. But don’t stop there!! When the old sensor fails, it can pump power steering fluid right into the electrical connector. From there, the fluid wicks its way up the harness and can get into the oxygen sensor harness. Then you’ve really got a mess on your hands. Get your hands on several cans of brake cleaner and try to degrease the harness … Read More


P0551 Power steering switch malfunction If you have a P0551 Power steering switch malfunction trouble code, read this article. The computer looks for the vehicle to be driven at least 40MPH for more than 30 seconds. The power steering switch is “normally closed,” meaning that the computer always sees voltage. If the computer see an OPEN on 2 or more trips, it sets this P0551 code. The 40MPH figure is important. The whole purpose of the power steering pressure switch is to increase idle speed when the power steering pressure … Read More

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