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P1456 Honda

P1456 Honda If you own a Honda and have a check engine light along with trouble code P1456, read this service bulletin #04-002. Honda has issued a service bulletin to address a P1456 trouble code on the vehicles listed below: Honda CRV 2WD 2002 ALL Honda CRV 2WD 2003 Japan built- ALL VINs beginning with JHL Honda CRV 2WD 2003 England built- from VIN SHSRD6…3U100001 thru SHSRD6….3U100161 Honda CRV 2WD 2004 from VIN JHLRD6…4C000001 thru JHLRD6…..4C018521 Honda CRV 4WD 2002 ALL Honda CRV 4WD 2003 Japan built- ALL VINs beginning … Read More

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