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P154A Honda Fit and Honda HR-V

Diagnose and fix P154A Honda Fit Honda has issued a service bulletin #16-026 to address a P154A Honda Fit charging light on for the vehicles listed below. Honda has determined the cause to be an internal failure in the battery sensor and has issued a replacement sensor. Vehicles affected by Honda service bulletin #16-026 2015 Honda Fit ¬†ALL trims All Vins 2016 Honda Fit All trims, VIN: 3HGGKS…GM7000001 thru 3HGGK5_ M701651 2016 HR-V 2WD VIN: 3CZRUB._GM7000001 thru SCZRUE_GM716111 2016 HR-V 4WD 3CZRL/6._GM7000001 thru 3CZRU6_014719915 Repair P154A Honda Fit and Honda … Read More

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