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P2279 Acura Intake Air System Leak

Fix code P2279 Acura Intake Air System Leak The computer has detected a condition that might indicate an intake air system leak. Possible causes include a leak at EVAP purge valve vacuum hose, air leaks in the PCV system and in its related hoses and/or valve, a vacuum leak the throttle body assembly, a vacuum leak at the brake booster hose, leak at the engine mount control solenoid vacuum hose, or incorrect camshaft timing. © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

P2279 Acura

Fix code P2279 Intake Air System Leak Acura If you encounter this P2279 Acura trouble code, especially after cleaning the throttle body, you must do an idle relearn procedure. Make sure the throttle plates are clean and the port to the MAP sensor is clean. 1. Then remove the negative battery cable for MORE than 10 minutes. 2. Start the engine with all electrical loads turned off. That means NO A/C, blower, radio, wipers, etc. Hold the RPM at 3,000 until the cooling fans come on. 3. Release the throttle … Read More

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