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Honda Civic pop or clunk noise

Fix a pop or clunk noise on Honda Civic Honda has issued a technical service bulletin #07-078 to address a pop or clunk noise From the Front Suspension While Driving Over a Bump After Turning issue on the Honda Civics listed below.   The bulletin applies to   2006–10 Civic 2-door – ALL 2011 Civic 2-door – From VIN 2HGFG1…BH500001 thru 2HGFG1…BH508895 2011 Civic Si 2-door – From VIN 2HGFG2…BH700001 thru 2HGFG2…BH700656 2006–10 Civic 4-door – All U.S. and Canadian-built only 2011 Civic Si 4-door – From VIN 2HGFA5…BH700001 thru … Read More

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