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Chrysler warning on fluid flushes

Chrysler warning on fluid flushes Chrysler has issued a service bulletin 26-004-12 warning against the practice of engine flush, transmission flush, axle lube flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush, and refrigerant flush. Unless otherwise noted in your owner’s manual, Chrysler states that their vehicle fluid systems do NOT require regular flushing. They make an exception for instances where a malfunction has occurred or the system has become compromised, contaminated or overheated beyond the normal operating range. In addition, Chrysler does NOT recommend the use of aftermarket chemicals to conduct … Read More

What’s the right power steering fluid

Cardone, the largest power steering pump rebuilder has issued a service bulletin warning about the damage that can be caused by using the wrong power steering fluid. It’s important to note that not all power steering fluids are alike. In fact, despite what you see on bottoles of power steering fluid at the auto parts store, there is no such thing as a “universal” power steering fluid. Some car makers recommend a specific transmission fluid, while others require a power steering fluid that meets a certain specification. Using the wrong … Read More

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