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No crank no start Ford Escape

Ford Escape won’t start, electrical accessories don’t work Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 06-9-3 to cover problems with intermittent power windows, door locks, keyless entry, lighting, speed control, radio, instrument cluster warning lamps. The problem affects 2001-04 Ford Escape vehicles and occurs more in cold weather. Ford directs you to examine connectors C134 and C263 for signs of corrosion. A water leak in the left pillar may be the original cause of the problem. Remove the driver’s side kick panel to access the connector C263. It’s the one … Read More

Fuse blows when using power windows Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon

Fuse blows when using power windows Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon GM has issued a technical service bulletin PIT3164B to address a fuse problem on the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup. If you own either of these vehicles and find that fuse #43 in the UBEC blows when you operate the power windows, the cause may be one of two things. First, if your vehicle was built prior to May 31, 2004 inspect the wiring harness at the hinge door check link area. The wires in that location can chafe … Read More

Power windows don’t work Ford F-150

Power windows don’t work Ford F-150 The power window switch and rear defroster share a common ground connection in the driver’s side kick panel. If the grounding eyelet is loose or corroded, the power windows will not work and voltage will backfeed to the defroster indicator light, lighting it up. Start by removing and cleaning the ground eyelet in the kick panel. If the windows still don’t work, run a temporary ground wire to the window switch and connect it to the black wire on the driver’s window switch. If … Read More

Power windows, radio, blower Grand Caravan

Power windows, radio, blower stop working Dodge Grand Caravan If you run into a problem where these electrical accessories work when the key is turned to the RUN position but the engine is off, but stop working when the engine is running, the problem may be either the ignition switch or the intelligent power module (IPM). Start by checking the voltages from the ignition switch when it is in various positions. With the key out, the ignition switch reports 4.6 volts to the BCM. The voltage goes down to 4.04 … Read More

Power windows don’t work Caravan

My power windows don’t work Caravan If the power windows don’t work along with the radio or blower motor or the problem is intermittent, this may be your fix. Caravan owners may experience a situation where the radio, power windows, blower motor stop working all at the same time. The problem may be continuous or intermittent. Shops are reporting that battery acid is corroding the wiring harness. The Front Control Module (FCM) then senses stray voltage (1-5 volts) and shuts down the accessory relay. Check for corrosion or a short … Read More

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