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Service Stabilitrack, radio, stalling

Fix for Service Stabilitrack, radio, stalling on GM vehicles GM has issued a service bulletin #18-NA-161 to address a Service Stabilitrack message, reduced power steering assist, engine stall, no start, HVAC controls goes blank, radio shuts off, Instrument panel goes blank, along with various other trouble codes on the vehicles listed below. More details on ┬áthe symptoms Reduced or loss of power steering assist (only LD models equipped with electric power steering) Steering wheel jerks or kicks back when turning Service Stabilitrak message with warning chime Engine stalls IPC going … Read More

Power windows, radio, blower Grand Caravan

Power windows, radio, blower stop working Dodge Grand Caravan If you run into a problem where these electrical accessories work when the key is turned to the RUN position but the engine is off, but stop working when the engine is running, the problem may be either the ignition switch or the intelligent power module (IPM). Start by checking the voltages from the ignition switch when it is in various positions. With the key out, the ignition switch reports 4.6 volts to the BCM. The voltage goes down to 4.04 … Read More

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