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Check engine light ford ranger

Ford Ranger Check engine light on If you own a 2005 Ford Ranger and the battery goes dead, with the check engine light on and the seat belt light on when the key is NOT in the ignition, check for corrosion at the back of the fuse box for fuses #11 and #15. If you find any, disconnect the battery and clean the fuse box with electrical contact cleaner. Allow the spray cleaner to dry completely. Apply a small dab of dielectric grease to the area to cut down on … Read More

P0443, P1443, P1444, P1445 – Ford

Fix trouble codes P0443, P1443, P1444, P1445 – Ford For a P1433 code, check for loose, broken, kinked, or disconnected fuel vapor return hoses. Check the wiring harness issues discussed above. For a P1444 code, check the purge flow sensor connector. You may find a broken VPWR pin, or it may be damaged. Also check for a possible purge flow sensor harness signal that may be shorted to power ground. Finally, check for damaged wiring as described above. For a P1445 code, check possible purge flow sensor harness signal or … Read More

Wipers won’t shut off — Ford

My Wipers won’t shut off on my Ford If you own one of the Ford vehicles listed below and your wipers won’t shut off, here’s the fix. Ford wiper systems are controlled by the turn signal stalk on the “multi-function” switch. As you rotate the knob to activate the wipers, the resistance changes and the Wiper Control Module (WCM) reads the changing voltage and commands the wipers to a new speed or on/off. When wiper won’t shut off the problem is due to a poorly designed multi-function switch, not a … Read More

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