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How to save on car insurance

Save on car insurance It’s a huge expense even if you’re a good driver. But not knowing how to buy car insurance can cost you big time. I’ve listed the top seven ways to save on car insurance. #1 tip to save on car insurance. Shop early That’s right, you’ll pay more if you wait until days before your old policy expires. Waiting until the last minute is a red alert for insurance companies. It can be a sign that you’re shopping now because you just got a citation, just … Read More

Save on car insurance

How to save on car insurance Car insurance is expensive. But there are a few ways you can save on car insurance by changing your bill paying habits and checking out some discounts. Here are six ways you can reduce your car insurance bill. 1) Don’t pay car insurance in installments– Save $60 per year We know it’s hard to come up with the full car insurance premium when the bill arrives. Car insurance companies know that too, so they make it easy for you to pay the premium in … Read More

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