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Best Scan Tool

Best Scan Tool from Innova From SEMA 2019—The Innova #3130 scan tool takes the prize from the 2019 SEMA show. The Innova #3130c works with any foreign or domestic car, light truck, minivan, SUV or hybrid manufactured since 1996. The scan tool reads and erases check engine and ABS trouble codes on most popular, newer-model GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota & Honda vehicles. Displays over 20 pieces of live data info on-screen which features 15 easy to read indicators that verify completed trip & drive cycle. In addition, the Red-Yellow-Green LEDs … Read More

Which scan tool to buy

Which scan tool to buy You can diagnose and fix your own car, but only if you have the right tools. Don’t know which scan tool to buy? I’ll help you figure it out so you can stop relying on the auto parts store to scan your vehicle. Auto parts stores use basic code readers and the clerks will tell you to replace whatever part is listed in the trouble code. You need real diagnostic data to find out if the sensor is really bad or actually telling the truth, … Read More

Best Code reader scan tool

Code reader or scan tool? If you want to do your own car repairs, the first tool you’ll need is either a code reader or scan tool. I hear DIYers whine when their check engine light comes on and the auto repair forum experts tell them to get the trouble codes scanned. The posters seem to think that auto experts can tell them what their problem is by guessing which of the more than 1,000 possible trouble codes is stored in their car’s computer. But here’s the deal; while you … Read More

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