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Serpentine Belt noise Ford Lincoln

Fix Serpentine Belt noise Ford Lincoln If you encounter a serpentine belt noise that sounds like a high-pitched hoot or whistle on your Ford or Lincoln 4.6 and 5.4L engine, this may be your fix. The noise is most noticable on cold startup, usually below 40 degrees. And the noise usually stops after 10-mins of driving. Ford has discovered that the ribbed serpentine belt may wear grooves in the nylon idler pulley. Ford has redesigned the pulley. Installing a new pulley 6L3Z-6C348-A should eliminate the problem. The new pulley costs … Read More

Serpentine Belt noise

Serpentine belt noise squeal or chirp How to diagnose and fix serpentine belt noise NOTE: Never spray a drive belt with belt dressing, WD-40 or any lubricant to quiet belt noise A serpentine belt can be damaged by motor oil and coolant. If you have an ongoing oil or coolant leak that drips onto the belt, fix that first. And, despite the fact that many Internet sources tell you to spray WD-40 onto a belt to quiet the noise or detect the cause, DON’T do it. You will ruin the … Read More

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