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Shift interlock solenoid bypass

Shift interlock solenoid issues What is a shift interlock solenoid? A shift interlock is a safety device that prevents you from starting your engine unless your foot is on the brake pedal. It works in conjunction with the neutral safety switch. When you turn the key to start the engine, the computer checks whether the vehicle is in park or neutral or, in a manual transmission vehicle; whether your clutch is fully depressed. If either of those conditions are met, the computer then checks to see if you’ve depressed the … Read More

Car won’t shift out of park

What does it mean if my car won’t shift out of park If your car won’t shift out of park don’t panic–this is a safety feature. Are you sure your foot is on the brake pedal? If so, read on to find a way to get the car started and then diagnose the problem. Car makers are required to install a shift interlock mechanism to prevent your from starting your car unless your foot is on the brake pedal. This is a safety measure similar to the park/neutral switches used … Read More

Car Won’t shift out of park

How to get my car to shift out of park Most vehicles now come with a shift interlock device to prevent you from shifting into or out of gear without having your foot on the brake pedal. The switch is built into the brake light switch and when it determines your foot is on the pedal, it energizes a shift interlock solenoid. The solenoid pulls a locking pin out of the way so you can shift. When the system fails, the Car Wont shift out of park. It’s either the … Read More

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