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Can’t remove key from ignition, can’t move shifter from park – Impala

Can’t remove key from ignition, can’t move shifter from park  – Impala GM has issued a technical service bulletin (TSV) 08-07-007B to address problems with the shift interlock feature on 2007-08 Chevrolet Impalas. The bulletin states that problems that occurred during manufacturing may have caused the wiring harness to the shift interlock solenoid to be misrouted. The misrouting can result in broken wires to the solenoid. Here’s how to troubleshoot the system. The body control module (BCM) provides power to the shift interlock solenoid when it sees the ignition key … Read More

Can’t shift out of park

Why can’t I shift out of park As a safety precaution auto makers require you to step on the brake pedal before shifting into or out of PARK. If you don’t, you Can’t shift out of park. Stepping on the brake activates a small solenoid in the steering column (or in the console on floor shifter models). The solenoid retracts a locking pin, allowing the shifter to move. When the shift interlock solenoid fails, you cannot move the shifter. The cause can be a burned out fuse or a bad … Read More

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