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Squeaking noise jeep cherokee

Fix squeaking noise jeep cherokee If you have a squeaking noise jeep cherokee, read this. Chrysler has redesigned the rear spring isolators for 2005-06 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2006 Jeep Commanders to eliminate a squeak from the rear of the vehicle. The defective spring isolators caused a squeaking sound when the suspension hit bumps. Replace all four spring isolators with the new parts 52089341AE © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

squeaky rear suspension – Jeep

Grand Cherokee or Commander has squeaky rear suspension If your Grand Cherokee or Commander was built before 12/1/05 and you have a squeaky rear suspension, this might be your fix. Jeep has discovered a problem with the materials used in the rear spring isolators. Replace all four isolators with part #52089341AE. The new isolators are made from a different rubber compound that doesn’t squeak. For more information on this repair or any others for your vehicle, buy an online subscription to either Alldatadiy.com or eautorepair.net. Click on this link to … Read More

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