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Service Stabilitrack, radio, stalling

Fix for Service Stabilitrack, radio, stalling on GM vehicles GM has issued a service bulletin #18-NA-161 to address a Service Stabilitrack message, reduced power steering assist, engine stall, no start, HVAC controls goes blank, radio shuts off, Instrument panel goes blank, along with various other trouble codes on the vehicles listed below. More details on  the symptoms Reduced or loss of power steering assist (only LD models equipped with electric power steering) Steering wheel jerks or kicks back when turning Service Stabilitrak message with warning chime Engine stalls IPC going … Read More

Car stalls and has rough idle

Fix stalling and rough idle Taurus Sable P0191, P0300-p0306, P0316, P2197, stalling, hesitation, rough idle, poor performance. This could be caused by lots of things but the key might be the P0191 Fuel rail pressure sensor condition code. Because if the fuel rail isn’t getting enough fuel pressure, the air/fuel mixture will be lean and that will cause misfires and hesitation. It would also cause the O2 sensor to read lean. So start with the basics like a fuel pressure and fuel volume test. Or, you can start on the … Read More

Why does my Malibu Stall

Fix a stalling Malibu If you’ve got a 2004-’05 Chevrolet Malibu with the 2.2L engine and notice severe hesitation and your Malibu Stalls and RPM Drops, this may be the fix. The problem can occur if you’re doing parking lot maneuvers or during a deceleration. The cause is a voltage spike from the radiator fan that scrambles the electronic ignition controls. Don’t waste your time replacing the crankshaft sensor—it won’t help. Instead, install a diode protected jumper harness (P/N 15242641). Splice it in into the cooling fan circuit using the … Read More

Rough idle stalling when using power windows

Rough idle stalling when using power windows Pontiac Bonneville If you own a Pontiac Bonneville and experience a rough idle stalling that seems to happen when you use your power windows, head right for the driver’s side kick panel. The fuel pump and power windows share a grounding point located under that kick panel. Shops report that these ground wires corrode over time and the poor connection is made worse when you activate the power windows. Remove the wires and sand the grounding metal clean. Remove any corrosion on the … Read More

Engine hesitation stalling on Astro Safari Van

Fix Engine hesitation stalling on Astro Safari Van Shops are reporting a problem with engine hesitation stalling on Astro Safari Van. They’re all the symptoms of a bad spark plug/wire/coil. But those components check out. The worst part is that the problem is intermittent. If have these engine hesitation stalling problems and you’ve checked out the plugs and wires on your vehicle, head right for the wire going to the coil primary. Apparently, the A/C line can rub against this wire causing it to fray inside the insulation. The remaining … Read More

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