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No crank No start Dodge Durango

No crank No start Dodge Durango If you turn the key on a Dodge Durango and get a No crank No start situation where it won’t start or crank, most people head right for the battery. But there can be other issues. Here’s how power flows in this vehicle. The system uses an engine starter motor relay located in the power distribution center (PDC). Power flows to the relay contacts from fuse 16. Power flows to the relay control coil from fuse “E” to the ignition switch and then to … Read More

Jeep won’t start

My Jeep won’t start Several people have posted questions on help forums about what to do when their Jeep won’t start. Here are some of the top reasons. Since there are several Jeep models and different designs over the years, this is just a summary. If you want detailed information on YOUR system, buy a subscription to AlldataDIY or eautorepair.net from the links below You turn the key and lights come on, but starter does not start cranking Ignition Switch Jeep is experiencing cracked/split ignition switch/lock cylinder related failures. In … Read More

Starter just goes click

Starter just goes click If you have a vehicle and the Starter just goes click, you may not need a new starter. You may be able to get away with new contacts and a new plunger. When you energize the starter a solenoid (electro-magnet) pulls the plunger in. The plunger has a round copper disk at its edge and as it pulls in, the copper disk touches two copper contacts. This setup acts as a heavy duty relay to supply battery current to the starter motor. But like all relays, … Read More

No start – KIA Sephia

KIA Sephia won’t start Kia has reported a no start problem with some 1998 Sephia models where the starter motor blows the 15-amp start fuse and leaves the owner with a no start condition. The no start problem has been traced to excessive resistance in the starter solenoid circuit caused by insufficient wire size of the starter solenoid wire. The small wire doesn’t allow enough current to energize the pull-in winding of the solenoid and if the user holds the key in the start position, the 15-amp fuse blows. The … Read More

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