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P0175 System too Rich (Bank 2) If you have a P0175 System too Rich (Bank 2)trouble code, read this to understand what it means This trouble code indicates that the oxygen sensor on bank 1 (the bank that does NOT have cylinder #1) is reporting a rich mixture. Do NOT automatically assume that you have a bad oxygen sensor. This code can also be caused by a misfire or a bad fuel pressure regulator.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

P0172 — system too rich

P0172 System too Rich How to diagnose a P0172 system too rich condition Start by checking live data short and long term fuel trims. A high long-term fuel trim, above 10%, means the computer is adding a lot of fuel. A negative long-term fuel trim means the computer is subtracting fuel and still can’t keep the air/fuel mixture in balance. Why the ECM might have to add fuel 1) Vacuum leak or un-metered air is entering the engine causing a lean condition in the exhaust. The ECM see this lean … Read More

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