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Timing Belt Replacement Cost

What you can expect to pay for Timing Belt Replacement Timing Belt Replacement Cost varies by year, make, model and engine. Generally speaking, the timing belt replacement cost is less for smaller 4-cylinder engines than for larger V-6 engines. But that’s not always the case. The labor involved is directly related to how many components must be removed to access the timing belt and how much room the car maker has left in the engine compartment. Typical timing belt replacement costs 1996 Honda Civic with A/C and cruise control Labor … Read More

What’s involved in timing belt replacement job?

Why you do a timing belt replacement job on time Many vehicles with an overhead cam engine use a timing belt to rotate the camshafts. Those belts must be replaced periodically. The replacement interval varies by car maker and engine, but common replacement intervals range from as often as every 60,000 miles to as long as 110,000 miles. The interval depends not only on the design but also the type of rubber used in the timing belt itself. What is a timing belt? A timing belt is a long ribbed belt that drives the camshafts  in … Read More

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