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Tire shop refuses to do tire repair

Why tire shops refuse to do a tire repair Tire shops follow recommended tire repair techniques and procedures published by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association. Their guidelines specify which types of punctures, cuts and scrapes are repairable and which areas of the tire can be repaired. If your tire damage falls outside of those recommendations, the tire shop will refuse to perform a tire repair due because the tire would no longer be road worthy. No tire shop wants to be held responsible for injury or vehicle damage due to … Read More

Tire plugs — is it safe to plug a tire?

Tire plug kit for flat repair Can you use a tire plug kit to repair a flat tire? Yes, but only as a temporary fix. What you have to understand about a puncture is that, if you were rolling when the puncture occurred, you probably damaged the inside of the tire as the air pressure dropped. Unless you dismount the tire and examine the condition of the interior, you really don’t know the extent of the puncture and deflation damage. Don’t listen to the “tire plug experts,” they’re idiots You’ll … Read More

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