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Tire rotation is really important

Why tire rotation is so important Tires wear unevenly on every vehicle, making tire rotation one of the most important maintenance items you can perform to maintain the best traction and stopping power and increase the life of your tires. Here’s an explanation of why tires wear unevenly, how often you should have them rotated, along with a cost/benefit analysis. Why tires wear unevenly It doesn’t matter whether you drive a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or four wheel drive vehicle: 60% of the vehicle’s weight is … Read More

Replace 4 tires on AWD

Do you really have to replace 4 tires on an AWD vehicle? Replace 4 tires on AWD vehicle Do you really want to destroy your $3,000 drivetrain? You have two choices when you damage a tire beyond repair on an AWD or 4WD vehicle. You can replace 4 tires or you can buy a brand new tire and have it shaved down so the tread depth falls within the allowance rolling radius difference set by the car maker. Get it? Two and only two choices. If you buy just one … Read More

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