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GM tire pressure monitoring system reset procedures

GM tire pressure monitoring system reset procedures This is right out of the GM owner’s manual Each tire sensor has a unique identification code. Any time you replace one or more of the TPMS sensors or rotate the vehicle’s tires, the identification codes need to be matched to the new tire/wheel position. The sensors are matched,to the tire/wheel positions, in the following order: driver side front tire, passenger side front tire, passenger side rear tire, driver side rear tire You have two minutes to match each tire and wheel position. … Read More

Tire Pressure and Outside Temperature

Tire Pressure sensor, TPMS light on, and the relationship to Outside Temperature Tire pressure monitoring systems are required on all 2007 and newer cars. The new law mandates that the driver be notified when tire pressure is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommendations. You may already have TPMS on your vehicle. But did you know that outside temperature can mess with these systems? That’s right. A 10° change in tire temperature results in a 1 psi difference in air pressure. So if your tire was already low on air and temps … Read More

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