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P1762 Dodge Durango

Fix code P1762 Dodge Durango If you own a Dodge Durango and have a P1762 trouble code Gov Press Sen Offset Volts Too Low or high, you may be tempted to throw in a new sensor. Whoa partner! Before you do that, check the downstream oxygen sensor (the one AFTER the catalytic converter). That sensor has a heater in it and if the heater shorts to voltage, it’ll feed back into the Powertrain Control Module and bleed over to the governor pressure circuit. That’ll trick you into thinking the governor … Read More

Disconnect Kit for fuel, transmission, AC

Disconnect Kit for fuel, transmission, AC Car makers use special connections for fuel line, transmission lines, and A/C lines. So you need special disconnect tools to remove them. Here’s a complete set of disconnect tools for more cars and trucks   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

How to rock a stuck vehicle without Burning up Your Transmission

How to get your car unstuck How to rock a stuck vehicle without Burning up Your Transmission Using the wrong “Rocking” technique can destroy your transmission. If you’ve been taught to rock yourself out of a rut, snow, or ice by shifting from R to D, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ARTICLE. If you use that technique, I can just about guarantee you that you’ll destroy your transmission. Yeah, I know, you’ve done it before with no damage. Well, you were lucky. The transmissions in late model vehicles simply cannot take … Read More

Transmission Leak Transmission slips in gear

My transmission leaks and slips GM has issued a TSB #08-07-30-009A regarding a Transmission Leak Transmission slips in gear. The TSB applies to ALL 2001-08 GM vehicles with front wheel drive and the 4T80-E transmission. The TSB advises dealers NOT to replace the transmission for this defect. The fix is to replace the 3rd clutch housing with a new part #8682114. The new part is made from an updated material to extend the life of the axle seal. © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Identify Transmission GM

How can I find out which transmission is in my GM © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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