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Turn signals don’t work – Honda

How to diagnose the cause when turn signals don’t work on a Honda If the turn signals don’t work on your late model Honda, this may be the article for you. First, you have to understand that turn signals don’t work the way they did 10 years ago. Back then, the turn signal switch actually switched power to the lights. These days, the turn signal switch, or multifunction switch (because it also controls the headlights) is simply an input to the underhood fuse/relay box. The actual power switching to the … Read More

Headlights speedometer turn signals don’t work

Fix headlights speedometer turn signals that don’t work on Chrysler trucks Remember the days when you could turn on your headlights with the flick of a switch? Back then the switch actually “switched” the power to the headlights. But in late model vehicles, the switch just gives a signal to a body control module (BCM), telling it that you want the headlights. Dodge has been using this system on its full sized “DR” trucks since 2002. If you’ve got a lighting problem and want to fix it yourself, you’ll have … Read More

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