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Valve stem caps — Why they’re important

Valve stem caps Valve stem caps perform double duty by keeping dirt out of the valve core and by preventing air loss if you do have a small piece of dirt lodged in the valve core seal. What is a valve stem core? The valve stem core screws into the valve stem. It has a spring-tensioned plunger and a neoprene valve seal. When you press an air chuck against the plunger, it opens the valve and allows you to add or remove air. However, if there’s dirt surrounding the plunger, … Read More

Replace tire valve caps

Tire valve caps are part of the tire pressure monitoring system When you add air to your tires, make sure you replace tire valve caps immediately. If your car has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System the tire valve cap might be integral to the proper operation of your tire pressure monitoring system. If you remove the cap and replace it with the wrong tire valve cap, you could get a false tire pressure system low pressure light. The tire valve caps for tpms systems serve as the broadcast antenna for … Read More

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