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Vibration, Chatter, Binding on turns

Ford Vibrates makes chattering sound and binds on turns Ford has a problem with Vibration, Chatter, Binding on turns in their limited slip differentials in 2002-04 Mustangs, Explorers, and Mercury Mountaineers, 2003 Navigators, 2003-04 Expeditions and 2004-F-150 pickups. The problem differentials vibrate, chatter, and feeling like they’re binding during slow turns. The clutch packs in the limited slip differential are the cause of the problem. To pinpoint the differential as the cause, place the vehicle in 2WD. That will restrict all the power output to the rear differential. Put the … Read More

Engine Vibration at idle Ford Focus

Fix Engine Vibration at idle on a Ford Focus If have a engine vibration at idle Ford Focus, this may be the fix. Some engineers should be designing weapons to defeat the enemy, rather than our cars. Here’s a case where the engineers designed a “roll restrictor” (motor mount) that’s open to the elements. Well, elements is a kind word for things like gravel, rocks, ice, or snow. If any of that gets into the “roll restrictor,” the engine gets locked into an unstable position and that creates the feeling … Read More

rough idle noise

Fix a rattling noise during idle on a Taurus or Sable If you own a 2002-03 Taurus/Sable and have a rough idle noise or hear a booming noise, this may be the fix. Models with build dates between 4-01-02 and 10-01-02 (to find the build date of your vehicle look at the decal posted on the driver’s door pillar or the driver’s door. The rough idle noise booming noise and rough idle described in this bulletin only happens when the A/C is on and outside temps are 80° or higher. The … Read More

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