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P0133 P0139 P0170 P0173 P0171 P0174 P1136 P1138 P1141 P1143

Fix code P0133 P0139 P0170 P0173 P0171 P0174  P1136 P1138 P1141 P1143 AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN If you own an Audi A4, A6, A8, or a Volkswagaen Golf, Jetta, Passat, and New Beetle With 1.8T, 2.0, 2.8/3.2 VR-6, 2.8 V6 90° or 4.2 V8 engine and have any of the following codes: P0133 P0139 P0170 P0173 P0171 P0174  P1136 P1138 P1141 P1143 P0133 Oxygen sensor: slow response Bank 1 P0139 O2 sensor: slow response, Bank 2 P0170 P0173 Fuel trim malfunction Bank 1/2 P0171 P0174 Bank 1/2 fuel trim lean P1136 P1138 … Read More

Brake Vibration—Volkswagen

Brakes vibrate on VW Volkswagen reports a solution to brake vibration problems on ALL 2003-07 vehicles. The nasty vibration problem occurs when braking at speeds above 55 MPH. The cause is an excessive amount of corrosion protector that was sprayed onto the rotor surfaces at the factory. Your tip-off is uneven color on the rotor surfaces. To verify the problem, drive the vehicle to highway speed and apply the brakes. If you feel the shudder through the steering wheel, release the brake pedal and apply the parking brake. If the … Read More

Dipstick tube comes out of engine

Dipstick tube pulls out of engine Volkswagen has switched to plastic dipstick tubes in some of its vehicles. After some time, engine heat degrades the plastic and a simple oil level check can result in the entire dipstick tube coming off with the dipstick. This can be a labor intensive repair. Here’s a way to avoid premature tube failure: Grasp the dipstick tube with one hand and hold it in place while you pull out the dipstick. Hey, I didn’t design the thing!   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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