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Chrysler minivan wiper problems

Fix Chrysler minivan wiper problems Chrysler Minivans have more than their share of wiper problems, ranging from wipers that won’t shut off to intermittent wipers that quit working. If you have Chrysler minivan wiper problems, all you need to diagnose the problem is a digital multimeter. Chrysler minivans use two different systems, depending on the model year. For 1996 & 1997 models, start your diagnostics by turning on the ignition key and put the wiper switch in any position EXCEPT high. Then ground the red/white wire at the body control … Read More

Chrysler EVAP System

How the Chrysler EVAP System works The Chrysler EVAP System is different than most other EVAP systems. Here’s how it works. All vehicle manufacturers are required to build in test sequences to detect a possible leak of fuel vapors into the atmosphere. They can do this two ways: by adding pressure to the system or by pulling a vacuum on the system. Starting in 1996 Chrysler used a pressure technique using a leak detection pump (LDP) to check for system leaks. Ironically, LDP is basically a vacuum/spring driven pump. It … Read More

P1491 radiator fan won’t turn on

Radiator fan won’t turn on and trouble code P1491 If you own a Chrysler minivan and it’s overheating because the radiator fan won’t turn on, it may be a bad radiator fan relay Many owners report overheating in their minivans because the electric cooling fan will not come on. This may be accompanied by trouble code P1491—Radiator Fan Control Relay Circuit Malfunction. Start your diagnosis at the fan relay module which is located below the battery box on the left frame rail. The Grey wire is hot at all times and … Read More

Radiator fan runs after shutdown, drains battery

Radiator fan runs after engine is off and drains battery If you own a Chrysler minivans and the radiator fan runs after shutdown and drains the battery, read this. Some late model Chrysler minivan owners may experience a problem with the cooling fan running after the engine is shut down. That, in itself, is not so unusual—many vehicles do that. But when the cooling fan relay gives up the ghost, the cooling fan runs all the time, draining your battery. Diagnosing the problem is easier than finding the relay. Chrysler … Read More

No Crank, No Start on Chrysler Minivans

Minivan won’t Crank, won’t start There are a whole host of electrical problems on Chrysler minivans that would cause either a no crank no start situation. But first you have to determine if the problem is related to the anti-theft system. An anti-theft related no crank, no start problem will appear as a start/stall, start/stall, (several or just once) and then a no crank. If those are the symptoms, first check your key ring to make sure you don’t have any other “transmitter” type keys on your key ring (regardless … Read More

Wet Carpet in Chrysler Vehicles — TSB fix

Fix for Wet Carpet in Chrysler Vehicles — TSB fix If you own a 2004-06 Pacifica or 2001-06 Town & Country, Caravan, or Voyager built before Dec 16, 2005, Chrysler has issued a TSB fix (24-001-006 Rev A) for a wet carpet caused by A/C condensation leaking from the housing. First, verify that the wet carpet is caused by leaking condensate. Water may run back along the outside of the drain tube and onto the passenger side carpet. If you discover that’s the source of your leak, follow this procedure: … Read More

Replace Blower Motor Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country

Trick to Replace Blower Motor Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country If you need to replace blower motor on Caravan, Voyager, or Town and Country van, this make save you some time. Replacing the blower motor on a newer Dodge Caravan/Voyager can be a real bearcat. You’ll be tempted to call the designing engineer at home and make him come out in the dead of night to do the job. The labor guide calls for 3.5 hours to get the old one out and install the new one. The maddening part … Read More

Replace Windshield Washer Pump

How to Replace a Windshield Washer Pump These days, most windshield washer pumps are mounted to the bottom of the washer fluid reservoir. Where’s that, you ask? Well, you know that spout you pour the fluid into—the one that disappears into nowhere? Well, the reservoir is actually located inside the front fender between the bumper and the front wheel. To replace the pump, you will have to jack up the vehicle, remove the front wheel and then remove the inner fender liner. The vehicle in these photos is a Plymouth … Read More

Chrysler compressor problems

Avoid Chrysler A/C compressor problems Chrysler compressor problems are showing up on Chrysler 2001-02 Caravans, Town & Country, and Voyager vans.. Now Chrysler has issued two TSB’s on the A/C compressors. The first is a software update. #21-002-02 Chrysler claims that the software update will increase the durability of the compressor. From the factory the PCM has an “anti-slugging” feature that removes liquid refrigerant from the compressor during cranking. That feature is activated every time the vehicle is started and the compressor has not run during the previous drive cycle. … Read More

Rusted strut tower Dodge Caravan

Fix rusted strut tower Dodge Caravans Rusted strut tower is dangerous and must be fixed The engineer that came up with this design, well, let’s just hope he’s not designing cars anymore. Chrysler took two stamped strut towers and put one inside the other—apparently for strength. What happens, however, is that water and road salt get in-between the two layers and rust both of them. That wouldn’t normally be such a big deal, but in this case, it’s the metal that supporting the whole weight of the vehicle. This is … Read More

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