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VW P0106

Diagnose and fix VW P0106 Shops are reporting a high incidence of VW P0106 trouble codes. And VW has issued a service bulletin 24-18-02 to address a VW P0106 or P3078 trouble code on the vehicles listed below. P0106 is Manifold Abs. Pressure or Bar. Pressure Range/Performance and P3078 is Throttle Valve Control Module Air Flow at idle too Low. Vehicles affected by VW service bulletin 24-18-02 2008-2009 Rabbit 2.5L (CBTA, CBUA) l 2008-2014 Jetta, Jetta SportWagen 2.5L (CBTA, CBUA) l 2010-2014 Golf 2.5L (CBTA, CBUA) l 2008-2014 Beetle, Beetle … Read More

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