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when to buy new tires

When to buy new tires

How do you know when to buy new tires? Waiting until your tires are worn can be dangerous. But how to you know when to buy new tires? Well, if you do a search on the Internet, every link you get will tell you to insert a penny into several grooves on your tire with Lincoln’s head in the deepest part. If Lincoln’s head is covered by tread, it means you have more than 2/32” tread left. That technique is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard of. Here’s … Read More

Get your car ready for winter

10 tips to Get your car ready for winter Everybody posts lists of what you should do to get your car ready for winter, but most of them don’t tell you why or explain the consequences of not doing them. I will. 1) Check (and change) your coolant. Driving on worn out coolant is a bad idea all year ‘round, but it’s especially bad in winter. Worn coolant can freeze and destroy your engine, but you probably already knew that. However, there’s more to coolant than just freeze protection. Fresh … Read More

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