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check engine light on Part 2

How to diagnose a check engine light Part 2 If you read part one of this check engine light on series, you already know that the first step in finding the cause of a check engine light on is to read the trouble codes. But then what? How do you interpret them and avoid replacing good parts? First, understand that vehicle computers NEVER tell you the root cause of the problem. They only tell you which sensors are providing readings that are outside of expected boundaries. Sure, the sensor could … Read More

Check engine light on – Part I

Why is your check engine light on? This is Check engine light on – Part 1 of a Two Part series. Want to skip to Part Two to learn how to diagnose? Just click here. Your check engine light, airbag light, brake light is on and you want to know why. A check engine light turns on because the computer has detected a problem and has set a trouble code in the computer’s memory. There are over 2,000 possible trouble codes related to the engine and transmission alone. There are … Read More

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