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Ford AC doesn’t work

Ford AC doesn’t work, leaks refrigerant, low freon, Ford vehicles, TSB Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) #06-4-9 to address leaking refrigerant problems on the vehicles listed below. Ford has determined the cause as a faulty compressor shaft seal. Ford has issued a revised compressor shaft seal F1VY-19D665-A to solve the problem.Don’t replace the compressor, just the shaft seal 2003 Escort 2003-2006 Focus, Mustang, Taurus 2003 Explorer Sport, Windstar 2003-2005 Excursion, Explorer Sport Trac 2003-2006 Escape, F-150, F-Super Duty, Ranger 2004-2006 Freestar 2006 Low Cab Forward Lincoln: 2002 … Read More

High idle, rough idle

What causes a high idle, rough idle Diagnose and fix high idle or rough idle Any time you see a high idle, rough idle high, or hunting idle, it’s time to suspect a vacuum leak. Extra air leans out the exhaust mixture, which is detected by the oxygen sensor and reported to the powertrain control module (PCM). To correct the lean condition, the PCM adds fuel. The extra fuel and extra air are the equivalent of pushing down on the accelerator. As the engine speeds up, the PCM notices that … Read More

Battery Light On – Windstar

Battery Light On – Windstar Alternator rebuilders report a problem with ’98 Ford Windstars with battery light on. Do not automatically replace the alternator. First check for a corroded wire located below the brake vacuum booster. The wire can rub through against the heater hose. If you find a frayed or corroded wire, repair it first and then recheck the charging system.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Windstar ac blows warm air

My Windstar A/C blows warm air It’s a common problem when a Windstar ac blows warm air. It’s most often the result of a crack in the vacuum line that powers the blend air door actuator. Any lack of vacuum will result in the actuator defaulting to the warm position. You can crank you’re A/C up all the way and it still won’t get cool in the vehicle. Get under the dash and check the plastic vacuum line all the way to it’s source under the hood. They have a … Read More

Lean codes on ford windstar

Lean codes on ford windstar As if this vehicle didn’t have enough air leaks in it, some technicians have reported finding yet another location for an air leak. If you’ve fixed the lower intake manifold and are still getting Lean codes on ford windstar, check the IMRC where it enters the intake manifold. Apparently the “O” ring that seals the actuator shaft can leak. To test it out, apply some white lithium grease around the seal. If the lean condition stops, you’ve found the leak source. Technicians report that they … Read More

Wipers won’t shut off — Ford

My Wipers won’t shut off on my Ford If you own one of the Ford vehicles listed below and your wipers won’t shut off, here’s the fix. Ford wiper systems are controlled by the turn signal stalk on the “multi-function” switch. As you rotate the knob to activate the wipers, the resistance changes and the Wiper Control Module (WCM) reads the changing voltage and commands the wipers to a new speed or on/off. When wiper won’t shut off the problem is due to a poorly designed multi-function switch, not a … Read More

Erratic transmission fluid level

Transmission fluid level issues Taurus, Windstar, Freestar, Sable, and Monterey   You may notice an erratic transmission fluid level reading on the dipstick or possible leaks around the filler tube and grommet If you have an erratic transmission fluid level on the following vehicles: 2000-07 Taurus • 2000-03 Windstar • 2004-07 Freestar • 2000-05 Sable • 2004-07 Monterey, read this post The affected transmissions are the F50N, AX4N and AX4S. The problem is caused by a restricted transaxle vent. The fix requires replacing the transaxle vent with a 90° vent … Read More

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