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Water Repellent for Windshields

Best Water Repellent for Windshields If you’ve always used a product like Rain-X for your windshields, next time try Aquapel. The product was originally developed by the glass people at PPG. Instead of just coating the glass with a petroleum product that wears off in less than 30 days, this stuff actually bods with the glass. I’ve used it on cars for friends and family and it lasts anywehere from 6-mos to 1 year. The actual life depends on how much time your car spends in the sun. You can … Read More

Intermittent Wipers Quick Fix

Fix for Intermittent Wipers I learned this one from a blog reader: I trouble shot my wife’s 1999 Plymouth Voyager for an intermittent wipers malfunction, to no success, I had replaced the multifunction switch ($175) based on incorrect resistance values posted in the Haynes Repair Manual. (Haynes provided a correction via mail). The actual problem I found was that the intermittent wiper mode is dependent upon the wipers being properly parked. The parking action is through regenerative electrical braking of the wiper motor, the voltage of which is actually returned … Read More

Intermittent Wiper problems

Fix Intermittent Wiper problems If you’ve got intermittent Wiper problems on a Dodge Caravan, Voyager, or T&C, the problem may be the multi-function switch on the steering column, the body control module, and the wiper relays. The multi-function switch contains 8 resistors, each for a different wiper speed. Start your diagnosis with this switch. Connect a digital ohm meter to terminals 6 & 7 of the multi-function switch. In the OFF position, you should see no continuity. In Delay 1 you should read 792-8080 ohms, 2= 5940-6060, 3= 4455-4545, 4= … Read More

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