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Caravan third row seat

How to fix Caravan third row seat that doesn’t work

Chrysler has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 08-026-07 to fix a Caravan third row seat doesn’t work problem. Owners report that the third row power seat won’t work. Chrysler has identified a cause. Any small obstruction that prevents the front legs from latching onto the striker provides information to the sensors to override the system. The occurs when the user moves the third row seat from the stowed position to the upright position, but then the seat back folds onto the seat cushion, preventing the seat from being used. After than happens, the seat becomes inoperative. You may hear motor sounds, but the seat will not move. Any small obstruction that prevents the legs from latching onto the striker will cause this problem. The obstruction is often a small toy, newspaper, or even a floor mat. Taller objects are seen by the obstruction detection system and will stop the seat operation. But small or thin objects cannot be seen.

To return the seat to operation, manually unlatch the seat and cycle the power seat electronics. Reach behind the front legs and locate the cable that runs down to the latching mechanism. Pull in on the cables to unlatch the legs or locate the lever. Then pull up on the lever while pulling forward on the leg to lift the seat. After you remove the obstruction, push the third row power seat “normal” switch button located on the pillar.

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