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Timing belt tensioner

Timing belt tensioners — 3 types

Timing belt tensioners are made in three different styles: spring tensioned, sealed and pressurized hydraulic and oil pressure style.

Spring style timing belt tensioner

These were used in the early days of timing belts. The installer would set initial tension by moving the tensioner to a set alignment point or resistance and then lock down the mounting bolts. The spring tension would keep the timing belt properly tensioned.

Sealed and pressurized hydraulic timing belt tensioner

These units contain pressurized hydraulic fluid much like a shock absorber. When new, the plunger is held in the fully compressed position by a pin. Once mounted in place, the installer removes the pin and the tensioner automatically applies the correct amount of tension to the belt.

Oil pressure regulated timing belt tensioner

This type uses engine oil pressure to move the piston out to apply tension to the belt. The oil pressure style tensioner doesn’t retract when the engine is shut off, it only uses engine oil pressure to move maintain a bit more pressure on the belt when the engine is running. There’s no danger of this tensioner removing all tension when the engine is off.

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3 types of timing belt tensioners

3 types of timing belt tensioners

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