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You can spend your time reading all the auto glass cleaner reviews online. But you’ll waste a lot of time because it all comes down to these 5 glass cleaning products.

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Why the glass cleaner reviews differ so much

It’s the plastics

Just about any glass cleaner can remove dust and dirt from your windshield and rear and side glass. But the real problem isn’t dust and dirt, it’s the film generated by off-gassing from the vinyl products in your car. The off-gassing problem is worse when the plastics are new, and it’s worse if the car sits in the hot sun. If the reviewers don’t take that into consideration, then their reviews aren’t worth much.

And then there’s cigarette smoke and nicotine stains

Just like the issue with plastics, you can’t just say that one window cleaner is better on cigarette smoke and nicotine stains than another cleaner unless you consider how long the smoke has been accumulating on the glass. The longer it sits, the harder it is to remove.

So what are the best auto glass cleaning products

It comes down to these five:

• 3M Glass Cleaner
• Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner
• Invisible Glass Cleaner
• Sprayway Glass Cleaner
•rain-x CeramiX Glass Cleaner

It’s no surprise that glass cleaner reviewers rate the 3M glass cleaner and Meguiars Perfect Clairity glass cleaner as the best since 3M owns Meguiars and it’s probably the same product.

But Invisible glass cleaner, Sprayway, and rain-x all scored at the top as well, depending on the reviewer.

The rain-x CeramiX Glass Cleaner is one of the next generation products though because it contains a ceramic additive that chemically bonds with the glass. So it repels water and dirt better than the others. Ceramic chemistry is pretty cool. But like the regular rain-x product, it doesn’t last long. If you want long lasting protection, buy aquapel and apply it to your auto glass.


In my option, you’re going to see a LOT more glass cleaning product incorporating ceramic chemistries in their new products.

What’s my personal choice?

3M glass cleaner is my favorite. Sprayway is my second choice.

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