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Toyota Camry won’t start

Toyota Camry won’t start and has rough idle and hesitation

If you’ve got a No Start Toyota with a 4-cylinder 2.2L engine or it has a rough idle or hesitation on acceleration and you’ve already checked spark plugs, wires, air filter, and fuel filter, it may be worth your while to drop $25 on an engine coolant temperature sensor.

No Start, Rough Idle, Hesitation, Surge, Stall on Toyota Camry with 4-cylinder 2.2L engine

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

These sensors can give false readings to the ECM making it think the engine is warmer or colder than it really is. That would result in a rich or lean fuel mixture that will misfire and result in all those symptoms. The sensor may not set the check engine light because often the bad reading is intermittent, so the misfire doesn’t happen often enough to meet the criteria for a check engine light. You can check the sensor with a digital voltmeter, BUT, you’ll also need an infra-red non-contact thermometer to compare the readings to actual engine temperature. The thermometer will cost more than a new sensor. Normally I don’t encourage throwing parts at the problem, but since this sensor can be intermittent, your test results may be wrong.


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